Garden design with stones

There are always wishes from garden owners to design their own garden or even just parts of it according to individual ideas. Design variants with stones always play an important role.

If you want to decorate, decorate and completely redesign garden sections with stones, you cannot avoid planning the entire project well, because at the latest when you have all the stones in the driveway, you should know how and where to place them. Inspired by images of Japanese gardens or Zen gardens , which always use stone elements in combination with water, wood and grass in a very targeted manner, more and more gardens are redesigned in this direction in this country too.

Designing the garden with stones has the following advantages:

Very easy to maintain in the long term
No specially created paths required
No more mowing the lawn
Very flexible in shape, color and surface
Disadvantages of a gravel garden

Not everyone’s taste
Less vivid green
Long-term weed and moss infestation between or on the stones if you do not prevent them

Especially for homeowners with dogs, it is always a struggle if the four-legged friend turns on the lawn or in the flowers and unsightly discolouration forms. If the garden has been transformed into a complete rock garden or gravel garden, these phenomena are a thing of the past.

For many front garden owners, an elegant middle way has also proven to be feasible, in that only partial areas, certain mosaics, corners or individual gravel beds are selected for this form of garden design and not the entire area. It should only be ensured here that you do not break the style otherwise the overall impression of the home garden suffers.

Inspiring ideas for garden design with stones

Basically, you have a very large selection of different stones to create a decorative atmosphere and almost endless combinations to build your own property according to your wishes.

Pebbles, granite, basalt, dolomites, porphyry, lava, slate or marble have proven to be particularly suitable for a rock garden. They have all the features and colors and price-wise cover the entire range from cheap to expensive.

We have put together some inspiring and wonderful ideas for you how to decorate a unique garden complex with stones, stones and boulders.

Idea 1: Sitting area with mosaic stones

Feel Mediterranean and like on vacation. Creates a seating area with a piece of art made of mosaic stones and creates a real eye-catcher on the terrace or in the garden itself. To do this, you have to put colored pebbles neatly and in circles on a base layer of gravel and screed concrete. Make sure that the stones are as close together as possible and have a uniform height. The latter can be done with a hammer and chisel.

Idea 2: Foundling colonies in prominent places

Gardens that have already been completed can use spectacular erratic blocks to create spectacular visual “HotSpots”. These rather large stones can be used as the center of a smaller bed, to delimit a certain area or also decoratively next to the house entrance together with a house number. For the garden decoration, the boulder can be combined with other pebbles to a small gravel bed and thus provide accents in the front yard.

Idea 3: source stone

Much like with a boulder, relaxation can be brought into your own garden thanks to a so-called spring stone, because when the water source bubbles, the sound of the water will create its own dynamic and let the body switch to relaxation. A spring stone in the garden can either be bought ready together with the pump and borehole, or it can be made yourself. As decorative source stones, paving stones, sandstones or granite stones are suitable, either in their natural form or also spherical. The most important thing is that you match the remaining stones in the bed.

The prerequisite for the riser pipe is laid using a hammer drill. Under the source stone, a tub of water is placed in gravel, which houses a submersible pump

Idea 4: Decorative natural stone wall

Another good idea for garden design with stones is to put a stone wall. Just as there are different stone shapes, the options for designing a stone wall vary. It not only has decorative purposes but is also an original privacy screen in the garden , wind protection and a possibility to separate areas. With dry walls, a Mediterranean garden architecture can be created, paths can be delimited in style and entire areas can be impressively framed. It is up to your own taste and ideas whether stones of the same size or different sizes are placed regularly or alternately.

An alternative that is easier to implement is provided by gabions, which are referred to as wire boxes filled with stone elements. After setting up and placing, a stone filling is placed in each compartment as desired. Accents can be set and uniform granite fillings can be used. Gabion fence ideas can be found in our technical article.

If you want to decorate the natural stone wall even more, you can take advantage of the dry wall and plant the joints and small niches with, for example, spurge milk.

Idea 5: stone islands with lush vegetation

Accents can be set by placing smaller and larger stone islands in the garden and bordering and delimiting them with stones. These are then lushly planted and are real eye-catchers in spring and summer. Combinations with evergreen ground cover are also suitable.

Idea 6: stone lines

If you own well-kept beds, you can decorate them with long, smooth stones. This not only looks good, but also offers space to run on if it needs to be watered or weeded.

Idea 7: Surround the garden pond with stones

Many house owners have their own garden pond, which can also be decorated with stones and stone elements. The border in particular can be very elegantly converted into a small paradise with small and large stones.

Idea 8: Steinbach run on walls

If you already have a stone wall or have a slope, you can use the height difference to achieve a natural Steinbach run . The surface should be covered with pond liner so that the water does not seep away. A submersible pump brings the water from bottom to top and creates a real watercourse effect. Alternatively, this can be illuminated to become an eye-catcher in the evening.

Idea 9: stepping stones in the lawn for color accents

It doesn’t always have to be gravel. The garden can also be embellished with beautiful white marble stone slabs, in the form of stepping stones that pave the way to a pavilion, a bed, a resting place, a pond or a fountain in the garden . This creates not only color accents but also walkable lawns.

Stone and wood – a visually appealing combination

Inspired by typical Japanese gardens, wooden elements are always happily combined with stones. This supports a warmer ambience and creates even clearer separated areas. Instead of stones, heavy wooden planks can act as garden paths , a chic wooden bench line a corner that invites you to dream and relax or

Large wooden tubs and wooden containers can be placed on stone-paved areas, which are planted with beautiful flowers and plants.

Another nice idea is to cover an area filled with stones with wooden bridges and thus define garden paths. Additional lighting rounds off this idea.

Wooden flooring provides another nice way to delimit certain areas in the garden. Combined with larger and smaller stones and natural boulders, this creates the perfect and stylish contrast.

Garden design with stones on a slope – special challenge

If you have your garden on a slope, have created an artificial slope yourself or live in an area with many slopes and gaps, sooner or later you have to think about how to plant and garden this garden area.

Don’t worry, even if it looks difficult at first glance to make an impressive feast for the eyes, it is of course a special challenge on the other hand, but a sloping terrain also offers opportunities and opportunities that are not available on flat terrain.

These would be:

Natural grading with natural stones
Stone seats with a unique view
Terraced plantings
Stream easily buildable with stone elements
And these are just a few. At the latest when you are choosing the plants yourself, you will quickly notice that a lot can be done with a terraced terrain in terms of hillside planting , which would otherwise only be very cumbersome. You can also create a beautiful garden staircase due to the nature and make use of the height difference.

Terracing a slope professionally
Safe and professional terracing is necessary so that later and especially long-term no soil slides and ruins the garden. When terracing, you ideally build the individual terraces from bottom to top and not the other way around.

If construction equipment is necessary, use the areas that are later used as paths or stairs. Dry stone walls on the lower part of the slope often form the basis for a handsome piece of slope. If you want to implement this, you first have to have a drainage made of gravel, which later keeps the running water away from the stones.

For the rest of the slope, a frost-free foundation should be placed at a 15 degree slope. A specialist company provides information and helps with the professional implementation, because slope fastening is the be-all and end-all for later design with stones, wood and other elements and the more important the steeper the slope.

Redesign an overgrown garden