Increase life expectancy through gardening

Most people love your garden, care for it so that it can enjoy its beauty. For some, gardening is an annoying evil, which you do not like to do and prefer to leave it to a gardener. But working in your own garden is often underestimated in terms of its impact on health, since you also have the option of making the garden easy to care for in old age .

According to a new study by Australian researchers , the risk of dementia in male and female subjects aged 60 and over decreased by 36% when regular gardening was carried out. A medical study from the Netherlands backs up these results and states that those who do strenuous work outdoors or in the great outdoors have a much lower cortisol level (stress hormone level) than those study participants who do the same job inside a building have executed.

The positive health effects of gardening activities cannot be denied. If you look at the Japanese Okinawa, which has the world’s highest density of 100-year-old people, you will notice that in addition to regular exercise habits, social ties and plant food, the common maintenance of their private gardens is an essential reason for their lives.

What is gardening?

Garden and work are two terms that have different emotional ratings. Where garden has a positive and leisure-like character, many people associate the word work with coercion, pressure and other negative qualities.

If you replace the word “work” with the term activity,you get a completely different core message of the term. Garden activities can be, for example:

cut the lawn
Weed weeds
cut hedges
Sweep up foliage
watering flowers
Put down compost
Hook beds
Harvest vegetables and fruits
Work in humus soil
Plant new plants
Repotting, etc.
All activities have one thing in common. You immediately get a visible result, which beautifies or improves your own garden. A feeling of inner satisfaction arises when you can look at the well-tended garden and stay in it.

There is a wealth of evidence from medical studies suggesting that gardeners have less stress hormones and live longer than other people. The psychological and physical advantages are given. Although they are not a guarantee of becoming ancient, they have a certain influence on the overall health structure of every person.

So the next time you get annoyed that you have to remove weeds from sidewalks again or that an overgrown garden needs to be redesigned , you will remember the many positive effects on your body that are triggered by these activities.

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